Singer/Songwriter in Fond du Lac, WI

Allow me to shed some light on myself. I am originally from a small town north of Green Bay, Wisconsin, but upon graduating high school I moved to Eau Claire, Wisconsin for my Bachelors degree. That was pretty fun, and after that I moved to Madison, Wisconsin for my Masters degree in speech-language pathology, which I am now fully certified and do for a living in Houston, Texas. It's pretty fantastic.


I started playing guitar in the 5th grade because, like many other little girls, I wanted to be a superstar - a famous singer, if you will. Me and two of my friends in grade school formed a "band" with inspiration from people like the Spice Girls and Christina Aguilara and whoever else was cool at that time. Maybe Britney Spears. Okay, I know Britney Spears was in there. Our 5th grade girl band did not have a name... or not that I can remember. It was probably something along the lines of our three initials combined, BET (not Black Entertainment Television...) or EBT (not Electronic Benefits Transfer either...) or maybe it was Hippy Chicks. Okay, it was Hippy Chicks. We said things like, "funky" and wore bell-bottom-esque pants. We wrote songs without music, of course, and I would make my mom and family in the U.P. listen to me/us and they applauded our efforts. Our first song was about different places, but my verse involved Arizona, cacti, and those little javelinas. Regardless, we needed some instruments and so I picked up the guitar and took guitar lessons for several years. I was never particularly good at it, but writing music on the guitar was particularly easy for me. Singing and playing the guitar simultaneously was never difficult either, as some people often complain.

Obviously our short-lived band disbanded in 6th grade. I was in choir throughout life. I was in a musical once as well, but as it turned out, and I have tapes (yes tapes) to prove this, I was an awful childhood singer. I played the flute and French horn throughout middle and high school (band nerd). My friend Sarah and I peeled oranges in the bells of our French horns during band just to see if we could get away with it. We did. Then, at some point in high school, a Sarah and I tried this "band" thing again. Except without a drummer. She played bass and I played guitar. She originally sang because she was a good singer and I wasn't until I hit puberty (but I never gave up and my mom ALWAYS believed in me and encouraged me). This band was also short-lived.

Moving out of tiny, culture-deprived Pulaski, I set sail to Eau Claire. This was where I broke out of my shell. This was where I realized that I was a good singer and that, maybe, just maybe, I never knew I was earlier on because Sarah was always the one doing the singing, not me. My enthusiasm took off and the creative juices were a flowin'. Dating and heartbreak and whatnot is a recipe for music. It turned out that karaoke was a strong suit for me, and suddenly people were telling me that I had a good singing voice, compliments I never gave the chance of hearing in high school. People liked my songs, so that put a smile on my face and boosted my ego.

Anyways, I moved to Madison and then to Texas. The creative juices slowed down once I hit Madison because life happens, people were met, and school was busy (like a time sponge). I still played. I still wrote. Because it's what I love to do and sometimes, when I don't play for awhile, I forget how happy it makes me, and isn't that what it's supposed to be about???

With that said, I hope you enjoy!

(... and it wasn't all sunshine and rainbow farts, but the details of that certainly won't be posted on here!)



Gramma's Little Girl 3:09
Inferiority Complex 3:21
Let Go 4:17
What You're Looking For 4:48
Wings 3:42

I Hate

Fake Enough Yet 2:31
Let Me Sleep on This 2:44
Little Secret 2:51
We Walk Away 3:35

I Love

A Door 4:15
I Wrote You a Song 3:48
Inspiration (Mom's song) 5:40
It's in My Head 3:30
Right to Me 6:20
Say You Love Me 2:30
Until 2:26
You and Me 3:56


Fantasy Football '14 2:09


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